Besides her solo performances Lisbeth is also a Voice Teacher. 

Since the beginning of her Voice studies she has  taught students of all ages, voice types – and levels. Teaching is a great passion of hers and  she continuously excites and inspires her students to develop their voices with her infectious enthusiasm and love for her work. 

Since September 2017 she works as a voice coach for the Boys Choir “St. Michaelum-Chorknaben in Schwäbisch Gmünd.  

Since Oktober 2018 she works as a voice coach for the Children’s Choir and the Adult’s Choir at “Das Neue Gymnasium/Leipnizgymnasium”, Feuerbach, Stuttgart and for the Choir in Weilimdorf, Stuttgart “Soul-Voices”. 

About my Teaching

I always tend to plan my Voice coachings individually with the person standing in front of me. Each Person is different with a different body and because of that a different instrument. I am therefore carefully considering every aspect of the personality of the singer so that I can guide and motivate them in the best possible way in the areas where they have difficulty.  It is very important to me that the voice lessons becomes space for the singers, where they can explore their voices through different breathing techniques and voice exercises that will be worked into the music. Through this work they will develop an awareness of their bodys and their instrument when they sing, which in the end will make them be able to free their voices and find their very own unique sound of their voices and expression of their personalities. 

The conscious and joyous singing makes confident and happy. 

The possibility as a teacher to be a part of a singers development technically as well as personally excites me and makes me even more happy because of how much I, myself, learn from my students and from the teaching itself.  

On my own musical journey so far I have worked with different techniques such as Meditation, Mental-Training, Visualisation, Body Awareness, Acrobatic, Yoga and Acting and I like to use it as a part of my Singing lessons as well. 

To develop your own voice and to explore it is a long, but exciting process, one which takes a lot of courage. I have lots of respect for the person who lets himself into this process and I therefore want to make sure that my singing lessons are a safe place where it is aloud to make mistakes in order to learn from them and where music and the Art of singing becomes freeing space of expression and laughter.  

I teach in German, English and Danish.

I teach privately lessons of:

45 Min (Beginners and Advanced: Technique and Repertoire)

60 Min (Advanced: Technique and Repertoire) 

If you are interested in a singing lesson you are welcome to contact me for further information (see “Contact”)