Picture by Sebastian Elsner

In addition to her work as a soloist, Lisbeth also works as a singing teacher. Teaching is her second great passion, which she passes on to students of all levels with enthusiasm and her captivating personality.

Her vision in a nutshell

Lisbeth has been teaching all age groups and voice types in pop and classical singing since the beginning of her vocal studies. Her teaching is based on anatomical-physiological knowledge and, in addition to tried and tested vocal and singing exercises, she develops new, body-intuitive exercises tailored to each individual student. Straightening the body with the anchor in the pelvic floor leads to a flexible diaphragm and allows natural singing so that everyone can find their own personal sound.


Lisbeth is now a sought-after vocal teacher and voice coach for various choirs in Stuttgart and the surrounding area and gives private lessons in her studio in Heslach. From 2018 to 30 April 2022, she was a vocal coach for the St. Michael choirboys in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since October 2018, she has worked as a vocal coach and singing teacher for the choir of the “Neues Gymnasium/Leipniz (NGL) and for the “Vokalwerk” in Stuttgart Feuerbach, since March 2020 as a vocal coach for the choir of the Stuttgart Stiftskirche and since 2019 as a vocal coach for “Soulvoices” in Weilimdorf. Since 2021, she has been a lecturer for singing at the Michaelshof seminary in Kirchheim. Here she teaches prospective social pedagogues and home educators in groups.

Practical Information

I teach in German, English and Danish

Lessons of 45 minutes (beginners and advanced)

Lessons of 60 min (advanced)

Fees for individual lessons: Depending on time and level, prices vary between 35 and 60 euros

Voice Training for choirs on request.

For singing lessons please contact me, for information see “Contact”.

Lisbeth’s thoughts on her teachings

In my lessons I always start with the person standing in front of me. I look at the level they are at and use empathy to read their personality in order to motivate and strengthen them in the area where they have difficulties. It is important to me that the singing lessons become a safe space where they can find their personal and free voice through breathing techniques and singing exercises that are incorporated into the music, so that they can better develop and express themselves. Conscious and joyful singing gives people self-confidence. As a teacher, I find the opportunity to support people’s personal development through vocal development incredibly exciting and it gives me great pleasure – also because I learn a lot from teaching myself.

My task as a teacher is to recognise what the singer needs so that the breath flows and the sound becomes free. Be it the correct use of the pelvic floor and diaphragm or a musical idea that the singer needs in order to blossom.

Due to the many experiences I have already had on my path so far, I know of the pressure of being a performer on stage and in life and what it demands of you and have therefore worked a lot myself with meditation, mental training (for example at: http://www.dr-minister-institut.de), visualisation exercises, body awareness, acrobatics, yoga, Cantienica (at: https://maria-knebel.de/cantienica-methode), martial arts, tango and acting and like to incorporate it into my lessons.

Developing and discovering your own voice is a long and exciting process that also requires a lot of courage and trust. I have a great deal of respect for this work and the process, and it is therefore even more important to me to make my classroom a place where you are allowed to make mistakes and where music and singing bring a lot of joy and laughter.

Statements about Lisbeth’s lessons

“Her lessons were characterised by a high level of professional competence, combined with a warm and very approachable teaching atmosphere.”

Friedemann Gramm, Head of Music School, Schwäbisch Gmünd Municipal Music School

“We would particularly like to emphasise Mrs Rasmussen Juel’s life-affirming and humorous way of working, with which she introduces her young protégés to vocal development with joy, accompanies them through the voice change and thus develops them further in a targeted manner. She provides sensitive support for our singers, especially in the case of vocal deficiencies and problems, through individually adapted exercises in order to maintain and promote the motivation of the children and young people and to emphasise the joy of singing. This makes Mrs Rasmussen Juel a valuable voice coach who is generally appreciated by choir directors, choir members, parents and singers.

Johannes Schmid, choirdirector at the Michaelschorknaben

“With her attentive, open and cheerful personality, Lisbeth not only conveys the joy and passion for singing, but also vocal technique at a high level. She demands a lot, but never too much, empathises and knows how to teach. The lessons are therefore always intensive and effective. Lisbeth Rasmussen Juel’s focus is not only on singing technique, but also on interpreting and shaping the song material. By teaching expression and elements of acting, the lessons become a special and varied experience. I leave every lesson with a smile on my face and the energised feeling of having achieved something and learnt something new.”

E.H. Student, 23 years old.